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Langhe, Piedmont, Italy

"How true that in wine there is truth I'll tell you everything, no secrets."

William Shakespeare (1564 – 1623)


Selected grapes, careful vinication, respect for authenticity

  • Creativity

    Wine production is to us a matter of creativity and awareness. Wine means tradition, where the latter is not just a matter of mere repetition and mechanical gesture. This is rather a complex research path based on passion. And on skills. On the ability to showcase the distinctive features of our land and our production. It involves the pleasure of sharing both feelings and flavors of the original territory.

  • Raw Materials

    Our wines are the result of a careful selection of raw material and thorough monitoring of the whole wine making process. The vineyards where our grapes are grown are carefully selected. These are all ancient local vineyards of the Langhe which the local agricultural tradition has been able to adequately safeguard as a valuable heritage.

  • The Territory

    Our wines are all the local produce of the Langhe, a land where the vineyards are the distinctive feature of a landscape now declared humankind heritage and the rolling hills remind us of sea waves. The territory is unique all lover the world for both its shape and climate. And this is the land we love and passionately care about to preserve the genuineness of their produce.

Our products.

The wine and viticulture tradition of Langhe region (Italy) is testified to in an excellent manner by the great wines of the winery Filari di Luna born from the oenological passion of Ugo Leandro Repetto, with Filari di Luna and Leoparòdi labels.

Filari di Luna was born about twenty years ago, thanks to a collaboration with some friends from Langa. Working hard, well and with passion is our philosophy. We started cultivating typical varieties from our land, in some vineyards set on suitable hills in order to valorize the authenticity of Langa terroir and the production of Nebbiolo grapes. We make big selection of cluster in the vineyard, using only manual harvest. The vinification is so traditional and respectful of grapes, in the cellars we care a lot about quality. This is the only way to make great wines.

The label Leoparòdi is born recently and it tells the history of the family.
A homage to own roots. Leo is the diminutive of Leandro, while Parodi was the last name of the fatherly grandmother. Leoparòdi wines come almost exclusively from Nebbiolo grapes, so the Barolo wines, the Barbaresco wines and the Nebbiolo wines, the most prestigious wines from the winery.


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Via Monchiero 32
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e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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